Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia


The Universidad Católica San Antonio (UCAM) is a private university located in Murcia in southeastern Spain. Founded in 1996, UCAM offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs taught by faculty and researchers engaged with the quality of the education provided. The university is characterized by a firm commitment to Catholic orthodoxy and the moral and social doctrines of the Church. UCAM aims to contribute to the transmission of human knowledge and the development of research, from the critical, responsible and creative freedom of the person, according to gospel principles. UCAM developed a system of quality management applied to teaching, research and services to ensure the human relations among all members of the university community in order to make more effective educational work and research.


UCAM offers study of undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees (includes Master's programs and Ph.D. programs) in areas of:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Architecture
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Communications and Social Studies
  • Business and Legal Studies
  • Nursery
  • Engineering


UCAM is located in Guadalupe just outside the city of Murcia. At the heart of the campus is the Monastery of Los Jerónimos. The monastery forms the main administration building, which thus resembles a cloister in structure: four hallways forming a rectangle around a central open courtyard. The school's chapel is part of the original structure. Also present are several newly constructed buildings housing classrooms and faculty offices.


Located in the southeast of Spain, the Region of Murcia is characterized by mild temperatures and long hours of day light. Here, as in a small continent, a variety of environments and landscapes offer endless possibilities to the visitor. Beaches, rural areas, cities, traditions, folklore, culture, sports and health mix together in a dynamic and active touristic offer.

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It is possible to apply for several scholarships.

The language school offers courses of English, German, Italian, French, Portguese and Chinese. It is also possible to learn Spanish and prepare for the DELE exam (117-170EUR).

Cost of living

Despite the high quality of life offered by the Region of Murcia, the cost of living is not too high. Here is a rough estimation of some basic elements related to accommodation, meals, entertainment, amoung others so you can prepare your expenditures before you arrive to Murcia. 

Rent a room in a shared flat: €150–250 per month

Food: €200 per month

Urban Transports: €20–30 per month 

Menu bar UCAM: €4–€6 (two courses, dessert and coffee)

Fast food restaurant menu: €5–7

Combination Sandwich: €2

Soft Drink: €1

Cinema ticket: €6

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