Masters in the Netherland

Fontys University of Applied Sciences


The Fontys University of Applied Sciences offers a range of five Master degree programmes taught in the English language.

Upon successful completion of these courses, you will be awarded with a British degree by the Plymouth University.

A master study lasts 12 months in the Netherlands and the U.K. The courses are conducted in the English language. The course programme provides students the opportunity of both studying at Fontys International Campus in Venlo, The Netherlands, and at the Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth, England.

Whatever your initial degree subject, this university will give you a broad base of knowledge and skills in the selected area of study which will enable you to develop a successful career after studies.


Stenden University of Applied Sciences

A few good reasons to start your master study programme at Stenden University:

All Stenden master programmes can be done in 1 year;

Receive an international recognized double diploma; a Dutch Master Degree and a British Master of Arts Degree in cooperation with the London Metropolitan University;

  • All study programmes are accredited by the Dutch government, NVAO
  • Low tuition fees compared to other English spoken study destinations
  • Great international job opportunities after graduation

There are 3 different master programmes that you can do at Stenden University:

  • International Service Management
  • International Events Management
  • International Leisure & Tourism Studies

 Wetsus Academy


The Netherlands has out of necessity gained considerable knowledge and experience in the field of water purification technologies. Water technology has become a "key area" in which the Netherlands excels and has achieved a competitive position internationally.

Technological Top Institute Wetsus, that has been established in the city of Leeuwarden, coordinates a large research program to develop water technologies for sustainable water (re)use. Wetsus main characteristic is cooperation. Commercial parties involved in Wetsus define and guide the research program to ensure commercial relevance of the developments. The actual research is performed by Wetsus, under scientific responsibility of Dutch universities that participate in Wetsus.

Wetsus Academy is a collaborative initiative of Wetsus with the intention to offer educational programs to transfer knowledge around the theme of water technologies and to stimulate entrepreneurship in water business.

Water technology is a two-year program on master level. Each academic year is divided in four periods. The first year comprises several courses and an internship, to make the student acquainted with water technology in the field. In the second year the student starts with a design project and completes the specialisation with a graduation project and some additional courses to make this master of 120 in total.

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