Are you interested in internship in the US? Here is your chance to get to know more about your possibilities to spend at least 3 months in well-established company in New York, Chicago or other city in the US!

Every year, many American companies open their doors for beginners and professionals. You will obtain the basic knowledge of American business and you’ll be given the opportunity to get professional skills within your profession, to develop your English and learn about U.S. culture and society.

J1 Internship can be enrolled full time if you have completed 2 semesters at a University outside of the US or the internship begins within 1 year of graduation.

Intern is entitled to a stipend who will stay 3 to 18 months at the company. A stipend is a form of salary, such as compensation for food or transportation costs. It is not always cash. If not cash, the host company may purchase a public transit pass on your behalf, stock food, provide/buy meals, or provide free classes, events or activities or discounted services (gym access, etc.)

To participate in the program you have to be at least 18 years old and meet the J1 visa requirements for education/experience, pass an interview via Skype and have advanced English skills.

General Host Company requires you to have strong English skills, you are able to intern 3+ months, ability to “think outside the box” and offer suggestions/opinions, you should be independent, proactive, self-driven, show initiative and can manage projects and tasks easily.


The program includes:

  • Internship Placement & Internship
  • Phone/Skype interview coordination with the host company
  • J1 Visa Documents and Assistance
  • Medical insurance
  • SEVIS Fee
  • Agency's support while on program


The program does not cover:

  • Airport transfer upon arrival (Intrax can book for a $25 fee)
  • Housing
  • 1 Month Study at Intrax Centers
  • Flights to and from the USA
  • Visa appointment fees (paid directly to the local embassy)


Interns can get internship in the following fields:

  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Other (ie: Sales, Social Media, Law Office Admin)
  • Operations
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Non Profit
  • Administration
  • Business Development

The program does not offer the opportunity to work in the following areas: Au Pair, an employee of a private home (nanny, cleaner), a children's camp director, medical staff (direct care), air and maritime workers, a veterinarian, a teacher or substitute teacher.

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